Labs & Projects

General policy

Collaboration: Each student has a choice of submitting the labs individually or in groups no more than 4 students. In the case of group submission, everyone in the group gets the same grade. Any plagiarism (i.e., copying someone else’s work and/or copying from the Internet without citing the source) will result in a zero grade for the lab assignment.

Submission: Submit all labs through GradeScope.

Late policy: GradeScope will not accept submissions after the deadline, since Danny will go through the lab during class. If you think you cannot make it to the deadline, schedule a 15-minute Zoom call with Danny, where you'll explain your lab on Zoom and Danny will ask you questions (i.e., essentially delivering an oral report and defending your solution).

Questions? Ask in the #labs channel in the class Slack.

Lab 1: Packet capture and analysis

Objectives: Learn how to capture and analyze packets with tcpdump, wireshark, and other common Linux command-line tools


Deadline: 2:00 pm ET October 6

Lab 2: Scanning and ARP-spoofing


  • Learn how to scan the local network with nmap and intercept packets via ARP spoofing.

Deadline: 2:00 pm ET November 24


Lab 3: Breaking HTTPS

Objectives: Learn about man-in-the-middle HTTPS communication and setting up VPNs

Demo videos:

Deadline: 2:00 pm ET Dec 8


Final Project ("Lab 4")

Propose your own project or do a pre-define project .

  • If you propose your own project, present your progress in class on Dec 8, and submit your final report by 11:59 pm ET on Dec 18.

  • If you do a pre-defined project, please submit it here by 11:59 pm ET on Dec 18.